The Trend Of Making Biopics Is A ‘Result Of Mob Behaviour,’ Says This Director



  1. “We have to see till how long this phase lasts,” said Vikram
  2. “I feel biographies are good,” he applied
  3. “If 3-4 films will fail, then this phase will come to an end,” he explained

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt seems the craze of biopics within the Hindi motion picture field arises from person-in-charge conduct and also that if many biopics produce little results towards the field office building, the stage can easily also. Vikram came into contact with social media towards the commence of creator Archana Dhurandhar’s booklet referred to as The Soul Charger in Mumbai.

Asked about his thoughts and feelings toward the degree that makes biopics, Vikram said: “See… While making a biopic, you get a ready made story. It could have been written by someone or discussed in public domain.”

“There are some stories which people even don’t know about but still they watch it. I have been directing films in Bollywood since the last 26-27 years and before that I was assistant director for 10 years. So in my journey, I have witnessed many mob behaviour like this and (the) trend of biopic is a result of mob behaviour.”

Vikram applied, “If a biopic works, people start making biopics. If comedy films work, then people start making comedy films and then if action films start working, they make action films. So it’s a phase and we have to see till how long this phase lasts. If 3-4 films will fail, then this phase will come to an end.”

Will he ever have a biopic himself?

“I can’t answer it in yes or no because it depends on whom it is being made, how it is being made and how close that story is to my heart,” he explained.

Commenting on lifestory to be the category of text books, he explained: “It passions me considerably lower compared to any text books considering that i do not feel in which an lifestory can very well be all together right.

“I kinds feel stories are great, especially which aren t warranted. I haven’t got much notion in going through autobiographies as there you can surely direct this truth. There is typically a saying if you do in fact say fake factors regularly, it would be the actual truth.”

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