The Nun is the third movie in the segment of Conjuring. A Conjuring Universe fan will still enjoy The Nun because the Conjuring has built the hype for Valek. The evil was too pure Evil.

The Nun Trailer

The Nun Cast


Corin Hardy


Gary Dauberman (screenplay by), James Wan


Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet

The Nun Review

I’m a big fan of the conjuring film as they had that edge of over every other horror film in the past 20 years, It seems for a while that Horror film has been lacking lately with the aspect of what actually makes a good horror film work.

Sad this 12A generation of horrors just isn’t horror at all, so when it comes to the conjuring films they had something special here, not only based on true events, but they have that psychological element that makes a film truly frightening.

Going into this film The nun I knew that film would be frightening but I was worried that it might fall to the same old cheesy jump scares. Well, I can honestly say this raised my expectation to a whole new level, Not only does this film feel like the old Hammer horror style films, it twists it into a whole new style of terror beyond imagination.

the nun movie review

When I said I knew this film was gonna be frightening, what I didn’t expect is the film to actually frightening the living hell out of me to the point I nearly passed out, I’m not joking! This film has so many elements of unnerving moments with the dark atmosphere you don’t need cheap jump scares to frighten you, the film isn’t self is truly frightening in every way possible.

The acting seriously makes the film believable which adds to the frightening scene where you’re wanting to hide, your heart is pounding like you just ran a marathon, this is how the film makes you feel with unexpected jump moments that make you jump out of your skin.

The thing isn’t self the design and the way it moves and the way its manipulate it surrounding, show just how powerful this thing is, this couple with the backdrop of dark monastery Abby in the middle of nowhere, with the dark light tones, really set the atmosphere for the film, especial at the begin.

I can honestly say this is one of the best Horror films I’ve seen in a long time, that I can honestly call a true horror film that has so many parts to it that all comes together to make one of the scariest films around. Even though the film is directed by Corin Hardy who done a fantastic job with this film not only is set design but direction, you can tell this film has a lot of Jame Wan influence with the very nature of the film having this extreme dark psychological feel to it that will have you leaving the cinema in shock.

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This is true is one of the most unnerving films I’ve ever watch, that doesn’t rely on cheap scares to frighten the audience, this is one of that rare horror that is naturally frightening with a lot of twists that you may not see coming. What’s perfect for this Origin story is it given a background that perfect for the story on how this thing came to be, which worked for the film.

If there was a True horror film to watch it would be this one, outstanding in every way