What do you think? Blue whale!! Is the biggest sea animal. Haven’t you watched Meg yet? Yes, the biggest sea animal megalonda. The movie is good for one who can bear stark terror as the poster says. A bit of action and a pinch of fear with the suspense and thriller makes the movie a good combo of tastes. The actor Jason Statham has done best scenes in the movie and all other actors and actresses have done awesome scenes simply superb.

He twists and turns are a catch to watch on. Complete adventure to the eyes. A fabulous movie worth watching in 3d. Really massive. Nice Movie but I expected if much more adding shark scenes it will be better. A lot of action and commotion is the interesting part. The first half goes slowly with all the computerized scenes. After the interval, a suspense thriller has released the presence of second Meg.

THE MEG Download, Review 2

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Trailer of The Meg

The movie is nothing compared to the novel by Steve Alten on which the movie is based. The movie though an ok attempt. Is quite a bit distorted compared to the novel which would otherwise have been a blockbuster? Disappointed since I have read the novel, I guess the movie demanded a much bigger budget which led the producers to distort the novels grandness. If you liked the movie then read the novel series which is hugely thrilling and compelling.

These people disturbed its natural habitats. And they are showing the megalodon as the villain… And the hero is something great because he killed it… The creature is just following its biology. These people should not disturb the habitat of these species by the name of research. If they do it they are solely responsible for the consequences. Should have been made in another way. Another storyline. 

The storyline of The Meg

A massive creature named Meg attacks a deep sea submersible leaving it to disable and trapping the crew at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. With time running out, rescue driver Jonas Taylor must save the crew and the ocean itself from an unimaginable threat a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon.

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