Padmaavat, the movie got mixed reviews, but even after lots of violent protests and numerous regional controversies the movie took to be the most expensive of the Indian films this year. The critics praised the actors approach and screenplay where as story-line and execution failed to reach to the critic’s expectations.

Padmaavat Trailer

Padmaavat Box Office Collection

According to a report on BoxofficeIndia, the Bhansali directorial Padmaavat, has earned an estimated Rs 162 crore worldwide. According to reports, the film has recorded the highest opening weekend for a Bollywood film overseas with a collection of $11.60 million. ‘Padmaavat’ managed to make in the top ten worldwide releases and is the only non-Khan film to achieve this feat.

Padmaavat Review

The film is set upon the 13th century epic period drama as well as romance and is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali who was being inspired by the epic poem “PADMAVAT” by Malik Muhammad jayasi. It has his stroke of visual vibrance. The film consists of Deepika Padukone (as queen Padmavati), Shahid Kapoor ( as king Maharawal Ratan Singh) and Ranveer Singh ( as tyrant Alauddin Khilji) as the lead actors where as Aditi Rao Hydari ( as mehrunisa), Jim sarbh ( as slave general to Alauddin Khilji) , Raza Murad ( as Sultan general) and Anupriya Goenka in the supporting roles. Rating varies according to critics but it goes by 7/10. This film exhibits the story of Honor, valour and obsession.

Padmaavat Review

The story revolves around the life of queen Padmavati who was known for her exceptional beauty along with her strong sense of justice, wit and wisdom. She was married to the king of Mewar, king Maharawal Ratan Singh, who was the kingdom’s beloved king brimming with Rajputana pride. Along with the king, she too was able to quick away steal the hearts of the natives due to her supremacy and wit. Alauddin Khilji got fancy about this alluring queen and was obsessed with her. He went down to wars and massacres to fulfill his needs and to get the queen and the kingdom. Rest of the fancies… The movie reveals!

The cinematography holds good by Sudeep Chatterjee with jaw dropping screenplay and effects. Actors being significant to the role; Deepika being radiant as Rajputana queen, Shahid being musculine and full of Rajputana pride and Ranveer being showcased as scarred face, kohl-lined eyes with greased torso; took to be amazing to the assigned roles.

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