MIB: Chris Hemsworth Drops Hint About Working With Will Smith ‘In Future’


  1. Chris Hemsworth discuss on engaging with Will Smith in ‘MIB’ featured films
  2. Men in Black: International options Chris and Tessa Thompson
  3. Men in Black: International starts releasing in India on June 14

Actor Chris Hemsworth doesn’t lay you off the thought of getting athletes Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back into the Men In Black arena, and says some may recruit later on. Chris Hemsworth is going on forward the story plot of MIB agents and representatives by having Men in Black: International. The first Men In Black movie was published in 1997 by having celebrities Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones at the forefront. It got life-size completely love through the years due to its premise, behavior, dilemma and feeling, all home of humour. Asked to obtain the very first play or sometimes agents and representatives united for getting a show, Chris Hemsworth said: “In my mind, the characters can meet at some point of time and cross paths if we are lucky enough to make another one.”

“I did watch the previous films but didn’t ask from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones about it because I just wanted to do something different and not repeat what they were doing. I tried to make it a more unique interpretation,” introduced Chris Hemsworth.

However, christian bale doesn’t lay you off the chances. “Who knows? We may team up in future. Those characters are still in this world. It is not a remake of sorts. There is a larger story. Especially Tessa Thompson’s character, her back story and her introduction to MIB,” said Chris.

Men in Black: International takes geographic region exactly the same arena to be prior show, by having Emma Thompson back as Agent O.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson describe the brand new agents and representatives managing extraterrestrial beings. The arrangement centres on your blog the among the Men in Black agency.

Sony Pictures Entertainment India starts releasing Men In Black: Internationalin India on June 14 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

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