Khichdi Actress Reveals A Producer Asked Her To ‘Keep Him Happy For Work’

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  1. Richa stated that he charged the chosing divan after her wedding ceremony
  2. Richa has starred in programs like Khichdi and Baa Bahoo Aur Baby
  3. She drop it Flat screen to go your occupation currently being a advisor with in teaching stiff

Actress Richa Bhadra, who might be recognized for her function in Khichdi currently being a kiddo performer, informed Times Of India with in question that the rendezvous considering the chosing divan came after her wedding ceremony whenever creator questioned the woman to ‘keep him completely happy out.’ Speaking to effectively TOI, Richa Bhadra said: “Initially, I never faced casting couch. But after marriage, I was auditioning at a couple of places and I was asked to compromise. I came across a casting director who said, ‘Keep me happy and I will give you work’.” In Khichdi, Richa Bhadra enjoyed what exactly is Hansa and Praful’s onscreen female offspring Chikki. “He wanted to meet me at a hotel when I suggested meeting him at a coffee shop. That was the end to all my aspirations which I had in the industry. I didn’t want to ruin the image which I had built as a child actor,” he applied.

Richa Bhadra additionally starred in tv programs an example would be Baa Bahoo Aur Baby and Mrs Tendulkar. Richa Bhadra made an attempts go back to tv over time (experts say about six years) but he have not been at ease with daring characters. “I didn’t want to go against my family and or my will to take up such roles just for fame. As a child actor, I have always been protected by the Gujarati production house. I have always been very guarded by my family. So, I didn’t want to cross the boundary. Hence, I avoided taking up any new projects,” she told me.

Speaking about body-shaming within the fun sector, Richa Bhadra said: “I have seen celebrities talking about body-shaming and slut-shaming. And I have constantly been told, ‘Oh you are too chubby!’ This is how I am, this is my body structure. Often I have been offered roles of a ‘fat girl’ as per the script’s demand. I don’t want that tag. I have been told to lose weight if I want to act. I don’t want to lose weight only to be a part of the industry.”

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After leaving tv, Richa Bhadra labored currently being a advisor with in teaching stiff, through which he suddenly met her spouse Vivek. They out dated for a couple months of the year before jumping hitched.

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