Justin Bieber took the news of Selena Gomez’s accounted for ‘breakdown’ to heart! In the wake of seeming smashed over his ex’s ’emergency,’ Justin was seen sobbing in an auto while his better half, Hailey Baldwin, drove!


Jelena might be dead and gone yet it appears that Justin Bieber, 24, still thinks about his ex, Selena Gomez, 26. On Oct. 11, multi-day after news of Selena’s accounted for “passionate breakdown” broke, Justin was shot in the traveler seat of an auto being driven by his significant other, Hailey Baldwin, 21. It’s great that Hailey was in the driver’s seat, in light of the fact that Justin was in no condition to drive. The “Heartbroken” artist was himself an enthusiastic wreck, crying transparently finished, what BACKGROUND claims, “the news of Selena Gomez’s hospitalization.”

After all the time that Justin and Selena spent together, who can blame him for feeling crushed over Selena’s “breakdown.” On Oct. 10, Justin went to a faith gathering in Los Angeles, and he looked as though his whole world had tumbled down. Looking rumpled while wearing a larger than usual pink hoodie and some baggy track pants, Justin appeared on another planet. With his shaggy hair hanging down before his face, JB appeared to be looking bothered.

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It was a vibe that others got on. After the community gathering, as Justin was going to leave, two or three anonymous companions met him by his auto. Just before Justin got in and headed out, he imparted a warm grasp to these companions, getting a tremendous embrace and an enormous measure of help for what he may experience. It’s great to realize that Justin has a system of individuals to help lift him up when he’s inclination down.

Selena allegedly endured a “passionate breakdown” amid a healing center visit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. While experiencing treatment for a low white blood tally, Selena supposedly “blew a gasket,” and endeavored to tear the IVs out of her arm. Following this emotional “emergency,” Selena looked for help at an East Coast office, and she’s supposedly experiencing rationalistic conduct treatment.

The lady who spared Selena’s life by giving her a kidney, Francia Raisa, 30, apparently sent her BFF a message on Oct. 6 about Selena “Know your esteem,” she composed while including a passage about how some anonymous young lady expected to “reprimand” the “toxicities” and spotlight on “self-f*cking-love.”