Helicopter Eela is based on the Gujarati play Beta Kaagdo by Anand Gandhi. He joins Mitesh Shah in scripting the film, which is as predictable as expected.

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Pradeep Sarkar’s Helicopter Eela, starring Kajol because the eponymous central figure, is a well-intentioned family entertainer. But is that sufficient for it to pass muster? No. The movie does seem to have an intent that is clear. Helicopter Eela is an enormous letdown. Co-produced by Ajay Devgn, the movie has been a synthesis of a musical of sorts as well as a mother-son dramedy. However, it is prevented by the absence of wind in its rotors from flying and lifting off the ground. The movie labours the point around a parents relatable predicaments, but fails to impart momentum.

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The narrative of a female in her 40s after that, 2 decades on, finds herself scrambling to compensate for lost time and who misses her opportunities should have been an affair. Helicopter Eela, adapted from a Gujarati drama is fully screwed up by the missteps that are tonal. The actress is left to climb. Not really that Kajol is not up to the task. She definitely is not low on energy. Regardless of this enthusiasm might have helped create the character rounded and more nuanced. Together with a semblance of subtlety is given a wide berth, that the screenplay banks on strokes to depict the consequence and the spirited figure she’s on the object of her attention.

This woman is someone who has willingly abandoned her playback sing aspirations into raising her son all by herself. When the boy reaches his late teenagers and is continuously embarrassed by his mom’s never-ending interventions in his own life and personal spaces, he decides to do something around the situation. That’s the crux of Helicopter Eela. The scenes between the mommy and the son are not written with much creative thinking as well as despite that the commendable modulation that young Riddhi Sen brings to the part, the parent-kid tensions don’t become believable or acquire any force. The obsessive mommy keeps a close eye on that the boy.

She frets and rages for its dependence on his cell phone. She never tires of reminding him to bring back that the tiffin box that she packs for him daily. Helicopter Eela opens with Kajol’s bustling character, Eela Raiturkar, readying herself into leave for her first day at college following a 22-year hiatus. Turns out that she’s in that the same class as her son, Vivaan. Her arrival bends the curiosity of her young classmates. Flashback to the mid-1990 s, where we meet Eelas songwriter boyfriend Arun who soon becomes her husband. For a reason that may only be described because strange, one fine day that the man decides to vanish, leaving Eela and Vivaan to fend for themselves. 1990 provides an unavoidable Pretext for some retro Hindi movie music highlighted by Ruk Arre Baba Ruk, whose dummy version is belted out with elan by Eela.