Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Weekend Episodes Written Update: Sakshi Leaves The House, Kavin Is The New Captain

New Delhi: 


  1. Sandy and Kavin serene a piece regarding the roommates
  2. Cheran made it disappointed using the stanzas of one’s piece
  3. Vanitha is going to make a entry back in your home

The week sequences of Bigg Boss Tamil thee appeared to be loaded with glimpses of Sandy and Kavin’s capability and after that there arised the exception of Sakshi. Sandy gained the captaincy undertaking and for this reason is becoming the motive force of one’s Bigg Boss residential home for that 4 days. It is supposed to be mentioned that this particular the initial time frame that by the way Sandy will likely leader the roommates.

Bigg Boss requested Sandy and Kavin to actually write a piece regarding the party-goers, who definitely are upon the exception present list that in fact Losliya, Sakshi and Abirami. Eventually on Sunday, Sandy and Kavin freaked out everyone from their piece. But Cheran made it disappointed using the stanzas of their total piece while it reviewed Cheran currently being a dull individual.

Earlier in the whole Saturday occasion, while you’re exhibit multitude Kamal Haasan appeared to be speaking of the Abiramithat in factMugen problem, Abirami transcript her curiosity about Mugen. But Mugen talked about that they are still in no definitely like by having Abirami, those he evaluates a superb pal.

Kamal Haasan requested the roommates to say a hero for Bigg Boss on any merry word. Tharsan, Madhumitha and Sandy out ranked possibilities. In take advantage of to understand the 50that gives the best results for your skin problems day from Bigg Boss, Madhumitha was presented a trophy just like the second runner-up despite the fact that Sandy consists of a trophy regarding the first runner-up. Tharsan the classification first and obtained a trophy overly.

In exclusion round, finally it was Sakshi’s consider go. With many very emotional occurrences, Sakshi exited the home. Meanwhile, Kavin apologied to actually Sakshi’s papa. Sakshi’s papa answered telling you Kavin shouldn’t express regret because he is probably enjoying to make it Bigg Boss.

The Bigg Boss preview for Monday’s occasion indicates the already expelled Vanitha is going to make a return with the Bigg Boss residential home. It typically is not definite it doesn’t matter if Vanitha is made a visitor arrival or possibly a entry back.

With the uber good Sandy captaining the Bigg Boss residential home, Sakshi will be cut off and Vanitha having a hall, the updated sequences can be engaging.

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