Bigg Boss 13, Day 1, Written Update: ‘Maalkin’ Ameesha Patel Makes The Contestants Earn Their Food

New Delhi: 


  1. Ameesha Patel declared new principles about ‘Queen of this very Bathroom’
  2. She also set up folks do a of work to be get their other portion
  3. Paras, Sidhharth protested about Azim along with state’s name anytime

On your first day of Bigg Boss 13, the roommates wakened after listening to the ostentatious breathinge heavily of Sidhharth Dey. Later during the day, you protested about Asim Riaz’s practice of looking at English vaughan rental home, after which it Koena Mitra is connected to using them and illustrated that this other folks were usually only joking him. During a quick noon meal, maalkin Ameesha Patel come into the residence and Bigg Boss received her by using her prominent observe Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Ameesha declared that most days, a woman player tend to be you select like the ‘Queen of this very Bathroom’ which enables you to get certain exceptions. She later knowledgeable the roommates in regards to the gameplay had to use to have portion. She indicated commonly, based on where the folks were required produce a selection and pass away the envelopes of groceries to the end of this very line.

But, but, but, we have here a bend. Only the last player could stay in the veggies and provisions envelopes from their fists. The others were required roll the envelopes from other tongues. To protected top foodstuffs within their container, the folks made an effort to try their other a wise decision to do the endeavor without needing their other fists.

During a chit-chat by using Aarti Singh, Paras Chhabbra referred to Asim Riaz “jhandu” and revealed that the product worsens him tons. He also stated that he got related to an issue by using Asim in the course of the debut in the whole reveal living room. Later, Paras and Sidhharth Dey got mad by using Asim Riaz for implementing his state’s name in all heated debate. Shefali and Shehnaaz fought Asim.

At mid-night, Ameesha Patel again designed a good item vaughan rental home having dancing lessons to follow Lazy Lamhe. She produced an activity referred to ‘Maalkin Chahti Hai,’ wherein the mans folks were required mainly work most other disputes. For lack of power, Paras and Asim got ‘black hearts’ from Ameesha. Their strategies to receive ‘black hearts”ill be declared later by Bigg Boss.

It tend to be engaging to notice the way in which folks is going to variation their own personal sorts vaughan rental home.

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