He sees what he shouldn’t. She sees what he couldn’t. So the question is, does he see it or not? Andhadhun is rated 9.2 of 10 in IMDB, receiving tremendous ratings from viewers.

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A French film inspires Andhadhun. The movie followed the experiences of Adrien, a piano tuner who wants to be blind so as to acquire work. Though his only motive is to earn more money, Adrien unintentionally ends up seeing a side of individuals nobody else sees. This, more of less, is the assumption of Andhadhun, however, Sriram Raghavan has turned it around to some superbly dark comedy that sort of getting caught by the jugular in the very first frame itself and will not let go. The movie carries echoes of Franois Truffaut wave classic Shoot The Piano Player. The movie is peppered with many twists and turns that lent a strength to it and such is the situation with Andhadhun.

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Akash is. A faded yesteryears star Pramod Sinha is enamored by his own talent and invites him for a private performance on the event of his anniversary, which makes it be a surprise because of his much younger wife, Simi. For everybody Simi’s paramour, and the piano player witnesses the duo has killed Pramod disposing of the body. He soon finds that his disability is not going to allow him to flee the clutches of the offenders. Andhadhun will remind viewers of American pulp films, where each character is bent and serves her or his own agendas. The film provides homage to the Hindi movie music of these 70s as well, what with Ayushmann playing many hit tunes of this era on his piano.

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Scenes from Anil Dhawan’s movies will also be shown in snatches, and this fiction of Promod Sinha is ably maintained. The film has been shot mainly in and around Pune and these bylanes of this city turned into a minor character in it. The production design and cinematography is to be praised for this feat. Tabu is the center point of this winding drama. She’s been described as Lady Macbeth with a character, but that is just one facet of her role. She plays a female who isn’t completely all there. She starts off as a bored housewife searching because of a bit of fun on these sides and ends as an amoral, unhinged being who nonetheless retains our sympathy. We watch her antics with morbid fascination, knowing out that we are going to be surprised at each turn. Her quicksilver expressions and impeccable timing make Tabu a pleasure to watch. Radhika Apte is a fine actor and one wonders why she said yes to her small role in the film.

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