It took just a couple of years for the world to wake up to the unfriendly impacts of cell phones. It took Indian film ventures several decades to wake up and make a film on it. What’s more, this time, ideally not simply from the perspective of people. As we respect the elephant-headed god into our homes, chief Shankar pays his tribute to crows in 2.0.

2.0 Teaser

The creators of 2.0 dropped the secret at 9 am on Thursday. Since morning, it is all web-based social networking has talked about. Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar star in the number one spot parts in India’s most costly film, a film worth Rs 550 crore, which took about two years and various missed due dates to at long last achieve this stage.

Rajinikanth is back as the robot that wreaked destruction everywhere on his city for his darling. Chitti, last we saw, was secured up an exhibition hall for individuals to see.

Be that as it may, when Frankenstein calls, can the creature be away?

2.0 Cast

Director :

S. Shankar

Writer :

Jayamohan, Lakshmi, SaravanakumarS. Shankar. Abbas Tyrewala

Stars :

Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Mayur Bansiwal, Adil Hussain, Amy Jackson

2.0 Plot

So chief Shankar brings back his Chitti 11 years after we keep going saw him on the wide screen. The executive and makers have spent a luxurious measure of cash in getting the VFX set up and the lead performers on board. 2.0 is substantially greater, significantly more amazing than its prequel Robot. Numerous crores have gone in into guaranteeing that nothing is fair in this part any longer. There are two of the nation’s greatest whizzes locking horns with each other, with stunning prosthetics set up.

Rajinikanth battles Akshay Kumar. A strange half-crow half-human who appears to nurture resentment against cell phones. Keep in mind the modest Indian house sparrow? The species vanished in light of the fact that radiation from cell phone towers harmed it irreversibly. To such an extent, that the species went wiped out.